Springbank Estate

Springbank Estate vineyards

Springbank Estate is nestled on an old stony river terrace situated at the foot of the majestic Seaward Kaikoura ranges where the mountains meet the sea. Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Being a lover of red wine Taffy's initial planting in 1996 was Pinot Noir. After buying a neighbouring property in 2000, the varieties have expanded to include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay.

Each wine has been tended and harvested by hand to ensure that only the best quality grapes were made into wine. The philosophy of growing wine in the vineyard ensures sustainable winegrowing techniques which minimise spray and human intervention in the grape growing process.

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Mount Riley Wines


Mount Riley is situated on the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island. Where the waters of the Marlborough Sounds meet the mountains, Mt Riley stands - high above the surrounding mountains and commanding the skyline with its distinctive peak. At Mount Riley Wines our philosophy is to make wines that are as singular, enduring and unmistakably Marlborough as the mountain itself.

The character of Mount Riley wines comes, in part, from the unique stony soil of the Wairau Valley. The stones retain their warmth during the long cool evenings and provide excellent drainage for the vines. Marlborough's climate and in particular the cool evenings and dry sunny days, intensifies the fruit flavours of the grapes. Above all, the distinction and quality of Mount Riley's wines is the result of skilled winemaking. Mount Riley combines traditional hands-on skills with modern technology and an enduring commitment to capturing the true essence of Marlborough.

Mount Riley is comprised of six vineyards. Each site was chosen carefully for its unique attributes and ability to produce grapes of outstanding quality. These superb wines have won a succession of gold and silver medals, trophies and acclaim from wine writers and wine lovers worldwide.

This is Marlborough at its best.


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Charles Wiffen Wines

Charles Wiffen Wines - Vineyard

The Wiffen family have farmed their Marlborough property "St Clair" since 1907. The vineyards were established in 1980 supplying grapes to other companies. In 1997 the first vintage under the Charles Wiffen label was produced and this elegant boutique winery started growing consistently.

Viticulturalist Jason Tripe brings youthful enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to the vineyard. He and his team were responsible for the everyday management of the vines. After the harvest the grapes are crushed and pressed in Marlborough and the juice quickly transported to the West Brook Winery in Auckland where the third generation winemaker Anthony Ivicevich takes over the crafting of the wines. His experience and expertise further enhances the work of the Viticulturalist.


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Vynfields Wines

Vynfields WinesVynfields is a boutique operation combining an organic 5.3 hectare vineyard on the celebrated Martinborough Terrace with a stylish vineyard cottage and romantic villa providing self-contained accommodation.

The Martinborough Terraces consist of free draining alluvial gravel above the Ruamahanga River, in amidst Martinborough's international award winning vineyards. The vineyard is currently under conversion to organic viticulture certified by Bio-Gro Zealand (an IFOAM accredited organisation).

The owners, Kaye McAulay and John Bell, produce uncompromisingly good wine, hand crafted in the traditional manner. The predominate wine varieties produced at Vynfields are Pinot Noir and Riesling.

Kaye and John moved an historic homestead 90 kilometres from Wellington to Martinborough - in five pieces! The homestead has been restored and features on the Vynfields' logo. Gourmet platters, wine tasting and wine sales are provided in the homestead.


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